Wise words from Michael Alden

« Many years ago a Roman aristocrat (and bespoke addict) gave me a good advice. He said: “If you ever see a fault in a garment, hold your tongue. Pay the tailor for the work and thank him. When you place the next order, ask the craftsmen in passing (and in the most matter of fact way you can muster) to look out for the fault you saw in the first work. The tailor will understand the message you have sent him and appreciate the respect you have shown him. You may have to live with the fault on the first coat, but you will have a lifetime of impeccable service to look forward to for the show of respect ».

It is probably an Italian thing, a bit romantic and more suited to the Padrino than a tailoring forum, but building a relationship based on mutual respect is good advice (in any endeavor) ». Michael Alden of The London Lounge

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