Zonkey Boot Tested & Approved

Last week I received a pair of Zonkey Boot shoes from our friends Alexandra Diaconu and Michael Rollig whom we had the pleasure of interviewing last year.

The first thing I would say about these boots, cut from a single piece of leather, is that they are very well designed. You realize as soon as you lay your eyes on them that they are very well proportioned. More important, the last just suits my taste perfectly; it is very well balanced, not too short nor too long. Having picked them I obviously found them beautiful and very elegant.

They are also very versatile. I can wear them in a rugged kind of way with a pair of khakis or a pair of jeans, but I am pretty sure I could dress them up with a pair of flannel pants and a blazer. It is a crucial point as far as I am concerned because I usually find boots to be either too dressy or too casual looking. As I said that is not the case with these, they open up plenty of wardrobe associations for the wearer.

They are not only good looking shoes, they are genuinely good shoes. Of course it is the least you would expect from a pair of shoes costing 599 euros, but I can honestly tell you that in this price range many brands fail to deliver. With these, from the calf suede to the leather laces, everything is top drawer. Moreover thanks to the quality of the materials, especially those used for the sole, they are very light for a pair of goodyear welted boots. Of course, I am bound to talk about the construction of these shoes which is the specificity of Zonkey Boot. These shoes are hand welted, apart from the fact that it is very uncommon in this price range, it also gives a lot of flexibility and comfort.

The first word that comes to my mind about these shoes is comfortable. I have the privilege of owning many pairs of shoes, most of them made by renowned shoemakers, but I cannot recall ever having the same feeling of comfort I had when I first wore these. The first time I wore them, I wore them for ten hours straight, walking on bumpy pavement and in sandy parks. They are so light you forget you have them on. I didn’t even feel the need to take them off when I got home. Yes, they are that comfortable.

Michael and Alexandra have kept their word: Zonkey Boot shoes are really among the finest ready-to-wear shoes you can buy if you ask me.

Zonkey Boot tested and approved. 


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