A few things you can learn from Jeremy Hackett

JH10Jeremy Hackett, cofounder and chairman of Hackett London, is considered by many to be an elegant man and rightly so. Here are a few style tips we can learn from the man who calls himself Mr Classic :

– Keep it simple: Gray flannel, navy and gray chalkstripe, beige and navy cotton suits, chinos and blazer. These are the essentials you need.

JH2– A light blue dress shirt works with almost every suit.

JH3– You cannot go wrong with classic goodyear welted shoes made by Alden, Crockett & Jones or Weston (Jeremy Hackett is a self confessed fan of the French shoemaker).

JH6– You actually can go out of your house without sporting a pocketsquare.JH11– Get a Navy tie be it repp silk, twill or grenadine ASAP.

JH1– You can wear cuffs (note the horizontal stripes on the cuffs) even if you are under 180cm/5″10. You can probably wear a pair of black derby shoes. With A Suit.

JH9– Get a nice haircut.JH8– Don’t take yourself too seriously or at least pretend not to.JH7– This is probably the biggest watch you can wear with a suit without looking like a tasteless punk (please read Premiership footballer).

FYI: Jeremy Hackett’s tailor is Italian.

Source: Google Images.

3 réflexions sur “A few things you can learn from Jeremy Hackett

  1. andreyb dit :

    « FYI: Jeremy Hackett’s tailor is Italian. »

    Well, many of Mr Hackett’s suites are made by Terry Haste, who handled bespoke side of Hackett business many years ago. So, this statement is half-true at most.

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